Dear colleagues

We invite you to participate in the International Scientific Conference ,,EU Security Strategy in the changing conditions of international relations (II)”, organized by the Academy of Public Administration and Project Jean Monnet Chair: 620918-EPP-1-2020-1-MD-EPPJMO-CHAIR (EUDIPSEС), “The European Union: a comprehensive notion” on April 22, 2022

The following are invited to the Conference: representatives and leaders of non-governmental organizations, political parties, analysts, experts, civil servants, representatives of academia in the country and abroad, specialists in the fields: international relations, European studies, political theory and philosophy, theory international economic relations, PhD students, master’s students and students.


Research directions:

  • Security of the European Union: policy and practice of conflict resolution;
  • Updating the “image of the enemy” in the theory and practice of international relations;
  • Tools to ensure national security in conditions of regional insecurity;
  • Neutrality as a form of survival of small states;
  • Intelligent power in crisis conditions: optimization possibilities.


The event will take place online.

Working languages: Romanian, English.

In the hope that you will accept our invitation, please respectfully send us to the address:;

Participation form completed by March 26 this year: Name and surname of the author, degree and scientific title, affiliation, country, e-mail address, title and abstract of the speech. Summary in Romanian, English, in a volume of 200 words, 5-6 keywords.

We are waiting for the text of the article, written for publication, until May 10, 2022.


Requirements for writing articles:

Article title (Romanian, English)

Name and surname of the author, authors (no more than two authors), degree and scientific title, affiliation, country, e-mail address.

Summary in Romanian, English, in a volume of 200 words, 5-6 keywords

Text: Introduction, Applied methodology, Results of the investigation, Conclusions, Bibliographic references (indicated in the text in square brackets and written in alphabetical order at the end of the article). Article volume: 10,000-20,000 signs, with space.

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Published Friday April 22nd, 2022